BMW reveals the iX xDrive50 fully electric vehicle

BMW has announced the second installment of its all-electric iX preview series that uses BMW’s latest eDrive technology. BMW says the iX xDrive50 combines its latest developments in the fields of design, connectivity, electrification, and services. The vehicle has been made using exacting environmental compatibility requirements throughout the value chain and for the entire lifecycle of the car.

It was produced using closely monitored raw material extraction and exclusively uses electricity from renewable resources in the production process. While official US pricing will be announced closer to the market launch, the iX xDrive50 will have a base price starting in the mid $80,000 range. The official launch in the US will happen in early 2022, with preorders kicking off in June 2021.

BMW builds the vehicle using a high proportion of recycled materials, specifically lots of secondary aluminum is used in the build process. BMW also targeted the use of recycling methods for the high-grade lightweight material used in the vehicle construction to lead to a substantial reduction in the energy-intensive use of primary aluminum that generates significant levels of CO2 emissions when manufactured.

Inside the cabin of the iX xDrive50, BMW uses carefully selected and sustainable materials. Elements of the interior focus on conservation of resources, energy efficiency in manufacturing, and sustainability for recycling. The only chrome used in the vehicle is on the BMW badge on the steering wheel. The automaker offers a Clear & Bold specification that includes a control panel in the center console made from sustainably grown wood. 

In versions with the Loft Stone Grey interior, the Twist cloth that forms part of the interior is made of natural fibers. The leather upholstery is treated with olive leaf extract rather than conventional tanning agents. The carpet used on the floor is made from synthetic yarn produced from recycled nylon waste material. Sourcing for that material includes the use of fishing nets recovered from the sea along with worn flooring and residual waste from plastic manufacturing.

The vehicle promises acceleration of 0 to 62 mph in under five seconds with an electronically governed top speed of 124 mph. The electric motors were developed in-house by BMW and promise an efficiency factor of 93 percent. The system delivers around a combined 500 horsepower. The battery pack is a lithium-ion unit with an increase of about 20 percent for gravimetric energy density compared to previous generation batteries. 

The battery pack can charge at up to 200 kW, allowing the addition of more than 75 miles of driving range in only 10 minutes of charging. The vehicle also features numerous energy recuperation technologies. More details on the iX xDrive50 will be announced closer to launch.