Bose Sport Open Earbuds let you listen to music and hear what’s going on around you

Bose has announced its new Sport Open Earbuds that it says are truly wireless sport earbuds that don’t go in the ears or cover them. The earphones use Bose OpenAudio technology with a design intended to help active users listen to music and be connected to calls while being aware of their surroundings. The earphones were designed specifically for workouts and use a contoured ear hook attached to a new kind of enclosure that sits above the ear canal.

Bose says that even in high volumes, users will be able to hear content and conversations, but people nearby can’t. The earphones promise to remain precisely positioned no matter how intense workout and despite sweat or weather conditions. Sport Open Earbuds are sweat, heat, rain, and snow resistant.

Bose offers the earphones in Triple Black, and they will sell for $199.95. The product’s official launch is mid-January, and pre-orders are open today directly from or

The Sport Open Earbuds measure 48 millimeters wide x 55 millimeters high and weigh 14 grams per bud. They have little skin contact for comfort, gripping the ear’s outer ridge to be locked in place with no ear tip. Each ear bud has a dipole transducer placed in position for clear audio.

An advanced microphone system is designed to pick up the user’s voice while isolating the voice from interference from wind or external sounds. A single button controls access to the phone assistant with another button using a press combination function for calls and music. Battery life is rated for eight hours per charge, and they include a protective carrying case. Bose Sport Open Earbuds are tested to IPX4 standards and work with Android and iOS devices.