PlayStation 5 converted into a gorgeous retro gaming console

PlayStation 5 is repeatedly going through a restock quandary, and that in a way has upped its value. The gaming console is a notch ahead of Xbox Series X in terms of design, and DIY pro Matthew Perks, who runs a YouTube channel (DIY Perks) has just taken the hot console’s fame to another level.

Bringing the nostalgia of the 1970s back to the current era, the limited edition PS5 console is as exclusive as your gaming console can get. The DIYer has encapsulated the Sony gaming console in American dark walnut hardwood with conical metal legs.

Niche DIY that masks PS5 DNA

To the unassuming eye, on first look this would not even seem like a gaming console. A makeover that would go perfectly with your modern entertainment den. DIY Perks took out all the internal components of the PS5 and encased them in the finished hardwood case.

The DIY console is even one step ahead of the stock console as it gets the custom cooling system (heat sink) – ideal for avid gamers who can play games for hours at end. The chocolaty new look masks the carbon fiber baseplate with hexagonal patterns that lends the console some degree of robustness.

Apt for an entertainment setup

The warm retro vibe of the console contrasts with the carbon fiber – styled for someone who appreciates vintage stuff. It indeed is a special PS5 that took a lot of meticulous CNC machining and sanding of the wood to achieve the final finish. 

Unfortunately, this is a one-off build, and the only chance of having one in your living room is to try and build one yourself. With the right tools and skills to match – this DIY is one fun project for a creative gamer. Just imagine something like this perfectly matched to your warm interior décor.