Casio Pro Trek PRW-61 case, caseback, and band are made of eco-friendly biomass plastics

PRW-61 is a new Casio timepiece in the company’s Pro Trek line of outdoor watches. The standout aspect of the new watch is its eco-friendly construction. The Pro Trek PRW-61 is made from biomass plastic sourced from raw materials including caster seeds and corn.

PRW-61 is the first Casio watch made from biomass plastics, which has been used in the case, caseback, and the watch band. By using organic material in watch construction, Casio has managed to reduce its environmental impact and curb CO2 emissions in watchmaking.

The watch features

In addition to its construction from sustainably sourced materials, the PRW-61 is pretty much a usual rugged Casio timepiece with digital compass, barometer/altimeter, and thermometer. With a bright watch display and Tough Solar power for running watch features, PRW-61 also comes with radio wave reception from six transmission stations.

The outdoor watch is also equipped with the regular culprits like a stopwatch, countdown timer, LED light, calendar, and five programmable daily alarms to name a few. Featuring a 51mm diameter case, the PRW-61 weighs 53 grams on the wrist.

Availability and more

Water-resistant to 100 meters, Casio’s new eco-friendly model will be available in three colorways. Along with the very dramatic all-back PRW-61 (model PRW-61Y-1B), you will be able to get your hands on black and khaki (PRW-61Y-3)/ black and silver (PRW-61-1A) options.

To enhance its idea of sustainability further, the PRW-61 made from biomass plastics will come in recycled paper packaging when it’s made available on March 25 in Japan for 59,400 yen. There is no word on the watch’s global availability or pricing yet.