Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F21HR adds heart rate monitor in effort to play catch up with competitors

When a Smartwatch maker adds a heart rate monitor to the mix of things, it is typically to allow the wearer of the watch to pace themselves when they are road or trail running or even cycling.

We all know that Casio entered the Smartwatch scene back in 2016 – they were late to the party of course – and they gave us the WSD-F20 in 2017. This year, they added the Heart Rate Monitor feature to the mix, making the watch more relevant for fitness enthusiasts.

Over the years, Casio has established itself as an effective companion to those who enjoy fitness training, mountain climbing and trekking. When your demographics are into these kinds of activities, it only makes sense to give them a tool that will benefit them the most. Ideal for pace management during such activities, Casio builds upon the current offerings of GPS and location checking feature, even when the Smartwatch is offline.

Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor

The new WSD-F21HR comes with wearable map technology, which gives you the chance to keep track of your physical condition, and chart unfamiliar routes too. The Activity App comes loaded with Running and Trail Running menus that display the measurement data in real time.

Today, Smartwatches are all about harnessing the body’s data and using it to optimize the workout of the person, hence this Smartwatch allows you to optimize the data displayed by giving you the options of info like heart rate, pace, and distance, right on the display of the watch.

You can set up to four screens and switch between the functions in order to keep tabs on all activity data in one go. The new Heart Rate watch face (the heart rate monitor screen) comes to life when the built-in accelerometer automatically detects motion.

There are five heart rate zones that display the required heart rate information. This makes it practical for you to get an overview of all the details in a glimpse.

Like all other PRO TREK Smart models, the new WSD-F21HR comes with Google App services, the trekking app ViewRanger, the cycling app BIKEMAP, the running app STRAVA – in short, most apps that are critical to outdoor sports and compatible with Wear OS by Google.

The WSD-F21HR comes with an optical sensor and is used to measure your heart rate. The sensor flashes an LED light to the wrist, for the readings.  Although I’m not a runner, but I can imagine how helpful such readings can be, especially when you are planning to ace a marathon or scale a mountain.

The Running and Trail Running menus are displayed in the Activity app and can be customized by you. The Smartwatch also allows you to import routes and data and upload for greater device enjoyment GPS log data, giving you the option of checking out running, trekking and cycling routes that friends have used in the past. As we know, the Activity app measures the data, which is automatically saved to Google Drive and can be reviewed later via the Google Calendar.

Water resistant to 50 meters, the WSD-F21HR matches the requirements of the United States Military Standards. Sporting a bold and sporty bezel, the watch is teamed with a soft urethane band and a double pin buckle. Pick it up for $499.