MB&F HM3 FrogX celebrates 10th anniversary of marque’s iconic watch

One of the MB&F’s avant-garde moment was the introduction of the HM3 Frog a decade ago. The 3D timepiece had two protruding eyes for the watch function and the mouth housing the battle-axe rotor.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, the Swiss marque has created another eye-popping limited edition version of the HM3 that’s called the HM3 FrogX. The modified watch has the full sapphire crystal case for exposing the Girard-Perregaux based HM3 automatic movement (created by award-winning master watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht), and some unique colorful inclusions.

Crafted to millimeter perfection

The dual domes of the HM3 FrogX are crafted from aluminum, rotating under the markers to emulate frog’s pupils. Adding Super-LumiNova accents makes the timepiece come alive in the dark – a sight to behold of the rare craftsmanship. This is complemented by the winding crown bearing Rayform’s light-shaping surface technology that reveals secret signature of the battle-axe rotor.   

HM3 FrogX comes in three dial colors – purple, blue, and turquoise; each one having a distinct play of color and reflections on the sapphire case. The intricate crafting of the sapphire domes is pretty evident – giving one an idea of the time put into creating each of the timepieces.

Striking details carry over to the contrasting straps

The color variants of the HM3 FrogX are matched to the hand-stitched alligator leather strap. For spicing things up, the navy blue and purple variants get the matching straps, while the turquoise one is paired to a white leather strap.

Truly, the HM3 FrogX horological machine lends a visual panache to the already attention-grabbing HM3, and it’s not surprising, only 30 examples will be crafted – 10 in each colorway. The exclusive timepiece is available now for a breathtaking price tag of $152,000.