Check out these cool Mopar gift ideas for the car guy in your life

Car guys are relatively easy to please. It takes nothing more than a car-themed gift idea to seal the deal. And as it turns out, Mopar released a bevy of gift ideas which are perfect for the incoming holiday season.

The Mopar name was first seen in 1937 as a line of antifreeze products. However, the brand has evolved over the past 80 years as a service, parts, and customer-care brand for FCA vehicles around the world.

Having trouble figuring out what to give your car-obsessed husband, father, boyfriend, brother, or fiancé? Here are five of the coolest Mopar-themed gifts which are perfectly in-tune with the holiday season.

Mopar all-weather floor mats – $165

These Mopar all-weather floor mats are perfectly designed for the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator. Featuring higher walls and a bucket style design, these durable all-weather floor mats will keep the stock OEM carpets underneath clean and stain-free in any type of weather.

There’s a reason why rubberized floor mats are better than cloth or carpeted matting. These floor mats can be removed, washed, and dried outside the vehicle, meaning the mats can withstand heavy servings of snow, mud, ice, dirt, and grime.

This set of four Mopar floor mats are a steal at $165.

Mopar Trailer Prep Package and Trailer Camera – $395 and $595

This kit is perfect for any Ram 2500 or 3500 truck. Combining the trailer prep package and trailer camera means having an unobstructed view of the rear via the standard in-cabin Uconnect system.

This means better visibility when towing and backing up with no need to buy separate displays. Also, since the kit is configured to fit your Ram truck, the installation is as easy as pie.

Hemi neon clock – $64.95

HEMI® Neon Clock 

What time is it? For the Mopar fan, it’s always Hemi time! This original Hemi neon clock is perfect for the garage or man cave.

Featuring the HEMI and Mopar logo along with a stylish blue neon light around the clock face, this wall-mounted clock ensures your Mopar guy is always on time for track days.

Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) – $475 to $1,195

Mopar’s online store is filled with Jeep goodies as well. The simplest way to a Jeep lover’s heart is through the Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) catalog. Starting at $475, you can get a 5-inch JPP LED light kit, or maybe a genuine JPP snorkel kit for around $665.

And since Jeep vehicles are all bout relishing the outdoor experience, we also dig the JPP tube doors ($1,195) to enjoy a safer doors-off driving experience.

Hellcrate HEMI engine – $20,215

Perhaps the ultimate gift for die-hard Mopar fans is the Hellcrate HEMI engine. With this kit, you can transform your FCA project car into your very own Hellcat, complete with a magnificent 6.2-liter supercharged V8 motor.

Producing 707-horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, it’s essentially the same engine you’ll find in the bonkers Charger and Challenger Hellcat. This engine is best combined with Mopar’s Hellcrate Engine Kit ($2,265) for a true plug-and-play installation.

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