Gantri Ammunition Lighting Collections are 3D-printed on demand

Who doesn’t want to shop for new stuff for the home? Well, most guys won’t admit it but we know some who enjoy decorating their condos or apartments with items than can start a conversation. The trend now is to buy home items that are minimalist and yet appear trendy and timeless at the same time.

The latest we’ve discovered are lamps part of the Ammunition Lighting Collections from Gantri. Gantri is a company that comes up with designer lighting solutions. It’s described as the first digital manufacturer in the world. Gantri is different from traditional makers as it has redesigned the process in developing, making, and selling products imagined by the best designers.

Gantri’s creations are unique and functional and are manufactured with efficiency. You can say the designer lights and lamps from the company are more sustainable.

Designer Lamps Made Via Digital Process

Ammunition Lighting Collection

The Ammunition lights are part of three collections: Carve, Gio, and Signal. Each one is made with Gantri’s digital manufacturing process.

Gantri has used “green” materials like advanced bio-plastics made in California. Every light is made on-demand. It’s 3D-printed and hand-assembled. The lamp is also finished with more artistry.

Smooth, Seamless, and Sustainable

Ammunition Lighting Collection

Choose among these different lights: table, wall-mounted, and floor lamps from each of the three collections mentioned. Gio is inspired by 1970s Italian lighting designs that show shapes connecting seamlessly, showing character even with the uncommon form—illuminated or not.

The Carve show “monolithic forms and seamless surfaces” that appear carved from stone. There is a floor lamp that can cast light on surfaces download or upward. Wall lights are also available to provide ambiance with targeted lighting.

Ammunition Lighting Collection

Signal boasts a different design with the louvered slats that bring in air and light inside. The lamp is 3D-printed. What makes this a great choice is that it offers a softer feel to spaces or surfaces.

Ammunition Lighting Collection

These Ammunition lights are available in different colors. Check out the prices of each item: Gio Table Light ($298), Gio Wall Light ($198), Gio Floor Light ($498), Carve Table Light ($248), Carve Wall Light Left or Right ($148), and Carve Floor Light ($448), Signal Table Light ($248), Signal Wall Light ($198), and Signal Floor Light ($448).