ChopBox Cutting Board Can Replace Five Kitchen Gadgets

As we evolve, so must the tools that we work with. Gone are the days when a chopping board was just meant to help you chop meats and vegetables. Today, you can expect more than just chopping – with almost ten distinct features – the Chopboard hopes to replace at least five single-use devices and tools that you will find in your kitchen.

Crafted from 100% bamboo and completely recyclable, the Chopboard comes with a dual board design. It cleverly integrates a digital timer and a weighing scale, into the body of the board, making it easy for you to weight and chop at the same time. I feel this feature comes particularly handy when you have to bake cakes. I am always too lazy to bring out the scales, as it is stored in the upper shelf of my storage. If my scale is easily accessible, then perhaps I will bake more often!

Smart Cutting Board

ChopBox takes its core value of cutting board very seriously, which is why there is a second board integrated into the design. This functionality is especially helpful when you are chopping meats and veggies at one go. It avoids contamination of the ingredients and the hassle of cleaning the board between chopping two contrasting food items – example meat and herbs.

I’m a big fan of details, hence appreciate the groove running on the rim of the board, which is to catch any juices that drip off the food you are chopping. The two knife sharpeners are of particular interest, as this is one equipment that we don’t find handy in the house. We simply expect our knives to stay shiny and sharp for a long period of time, and typically discard it once they get dull. With the Chopbox, you can be assured of maintaining your knives for longer.

Digitally Savvy Board

Like I mentioned before, the ChopBox comes with a 10-hour digital kitchen timer and weighing scale integrated into the board. The design is such, that the digital display is clearly visible through the uniform wood design of the board. The board is completely waterproof, which means there are no need to detach the electrical components before washing.

The battery for the board lasts for about thirty days, and it recharges quickly. What makes this board a wise investment is its ability to clean knives using UV-C light. once you flip the secondary board on top of the primary board, a groove is created, where you can slide in your knife and at the press of a button, simply sterilize via the UV-C light that is beamed in the niche. Pick it up for $99.


  • Jean Baker
    Posted July 21, 2020 8:03 pm 0Likes

    I bought the same board. I got 2 fake boards. I was just disappointed in it. I wish I could get my money back. I have learned my lesson never buy from face book

  • Radhika Seth
    Posted July 22, 2020 6:25 am 0Likes

    I agree Jean, we have to be cautious when we buy online. This board has some updates that are for backers only, perhaps you can check the link.

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