Face mask accessories for extra comfort and protection

Face masks have become a necessary part of everyday life for an unpredictable future amid the coronavirus pandemic. And since we have to don this protective equipment every day, it helps to find ways to make it more comfortable as possible for the wearer. According to experts, any steps to increase mask use rates will reduce the likelihood of virus contracting and mask accessories are one way to go.

Face mask accessories can help lessen the difficulty and discomfort of wearing a mask. But it can be difficult to figure out which mask accessories are worth your time and money. To help you out, here are five types of face mask accessories that experts believe everyone should have.

GloFX Face Mask Lanyard

This stainless metal neck lanyard can be used as an elegant and fashionable chain for face masks. The metal box chain includes two removable rubber loops and a metal lobster clasp. Made with premium stainless metal material, this durable, sturdy, and lightweight accessory is ideal for daily use. The 75 cm long cable design is perfect for all styles and goes effortlessly with any look. With this lanyard, you don’t have to worry about your face mask getting damaged, dirty, wrinkled, or lost.

MaskTile Face Mask Tape

People who wear glasses have a huge problem of fogging on the glasses while wearing masks. And the slipping, and gaps between nose-bridge and the cheeks don’t exactly help in the protection from the airborne diseases. Aiming to tackle all these problems, MaskTile face mask tape gently seals your face mask to prevent your glasses from fogging, secures the mask in place and reduces tension on your ears from loops. It works with any mask and for all ages. The 36 pre-cut stripes can be removed and reapplied multiple times after removing the liners.

VELCRO Brand Face Mask Extender Straps

These colorful face mask extender straps make the mask wearing more comfortable. It enables you to extend your mask ear loops behind your head to relieve pain and pressure on your ears. Made for maximum adjustability for a customized and comfortable fit, these mask clips are washable and reusable. Moreover, it works with most of the masks such as cloth, disposable, homemade, or DIY masks.

Headband with Buttons

These headbands with buttons allow you to put the mask straps around the buttons instead of putting them on your ears. The wide stretchy sweatband with buttons offers a comfortable and stylish look for all, regardless of gender. It is lightweight and stays in place throughout the day. These headbands are specifically designed for nurses, doctors and healthcare workers to help avoid burns and sores behind the ears from mask straps.

Face Mask Bracket

This silicone mask bracket provides more space for comfortable breathing, and as a bonus protects the makeup by reducing the friction between the mask and the face. It functions by supporting the inside of the mask, which effectively expands the breathing space for smooth breathing. Its unique design envelops the mouth, nose, and chin to form a triangle that allows free air circulation. The soft silicone material is washable and reusable. It also prevents the fogging on the glasses.