Citizen Celebrates Turning 50 in Europe with Two New Promaster Automatic Watches

Being an affordable Dive watch is one thing, but being an affordable Dive watch with a reputable lineage is another ball game. Beyond doubt, Citizen falls into this bracket, and today we look at two new watches joining the ranks, as the makers celebrate their fiftieth year in Europe. The Promaster Marine Super Titanium & Promaster Mechanical Diver 50th anniversary for Europe come in the black and red color scheme, and look very promising.

These two limited edition diver watches are constructed on the design and technological cues of the iconic models of the dive “Promaster” collection: the Marine Super Titanium and the Mechanical Diver. Both these watches find favors with divers across the globe. And with the Promaster Marine Super Titanium NY0076-10EE & Promaster Mechanical Diver NY0087-13EE, we are introduced to the color scheme, which is the same for both the timepieces.

Although more known for their solar driven and battery fitted watches, Citizen comes across as serious contender in the diving watch field. The Promaster Marine Super Titanium NY0076-10EE sports a corrosion-resistant titanium case and is predictably light in weight. Measuring 44mm, the case is very substantial and modern in design.

What I like about its features is that the case sports sharp angles and has a highly protective design to it. Being watertight and efficient, it is quite expected that the watch endures a good amount of water pressure, hence it is 200 meters water resistant. Powering the watch is a hand-wound calibre 8203 Citizen/Miyota that supports the time-and-day/date display.

The eye-catching color scheme for the is the main talking point for this watch, it has a black dial and red seconds hand. It also sports a bezel insert with a red segment marking the first 15 minutes. Worn with on a urethane strap, this limited edition watch can be bought in Europe only. About 1000 watches that will be sold for about $447.

Next in the lineup is the Citizen Promaster Mechanical Diver NY0087-13EE watch and its modeled on the ultra-classic Promaster Mechanical Diver. When it comes to the affordability factor, I think this timepiece and the Citizen Aqualand make a fine example. Anyways, the new watch has the same design DNA as the rest of its brigade and a notched up bezel with a round stainless steel case.

Sporting the size of 42mm, the case hosts the crown at the 8 o’clock spot and supports water resistance up to 200 meters. Once again we see the same color scheme of black and red being showcased here and the red accents on the hands. The bezel has the first 15-minute section in bright red and under the hood is an automatic calibre 8203 Citizen/Miyota that sports time-and-day/date function.

Teamed with a classic, extensible urethane strap along with a depth scale printed on it, this watch is also limited to a thousand pieces and will retail in Europe only. It is priced at $250.