Angelus U23 “Carbon Cocktail” series watches introduced

Riding on the success of previously launched U21 and U22 models, the high-end watch brand Angelus has released a colorful U23 series of eight unique watches. Exhibiting colors reminiscent of cocktails, these timepieces from La Chaux-de-Fonds-based watchmaker are a refined variation of the skeletonized flying tourbillon movement previously introduced by the brand.

The U23 watch has been designed to make an instant impact on the wrist. Each model has its own grace and color – while the watch itself, codenamed “Carbon Cocktail” – is made from state-of-the-art materials, wears a sporty shape and features a lasting structure.  

A detailed look

Angelus U23 “Carbon Cocktail” comes in a 42mm carbon-titanium case. The case is made from lightweight composite material called CTP (Carbon Thin Ply) and titanium. It measures 10.3 mm thick, and thanks to the build material, maintains a lightweight and rigid form factor that is made completely scratch-resistant with use of titanium.

The highlight of the U23 series is its colored bridges screwed to the carbon main plate that acts as the dial. The bridges in each model (named after a cocktail) are colored with PVD technique and are of a different color – reminiscent of the cocktail it represents.  

These eight watch combos present an electric menu with classics and rarities like U23 Negroni which has bridges in orange, representing a drink’s blend of Gin and Vermouth; U23 Cosmopolitan in blue-purple colors of blueberry vodka; U23 Ocean View in Curaçao blue; and pink, blue, and orange colors of citrus fruit juice and grenadine incorporated in U23 Tequila Sunrise.

The movement, pricing and more

Angelus U23 “Carbon Cocktail” series watches are equipped with skeletonized, hand wound mechanical Caliber A-250 that offers 90 hours of power reserve. The movement is noted by its prominent one-minute flying tourbillon and the dial made from carbon.

The opneworked barrel below 12 o’clock features power reserve, while the flying tourbillon can be seen just above 6 o’clock. These complications are anchored by three titanium bridges to present the distinct appeal to the U23 timepiece.

Cocktail-themed watches are not a very common sight in the horological world. The only recent example of something in the same vein is the Seiko Presage ‘Cocktail Time’ series. If you like the idea of cocktails and colors – the Angelus U23 is priced at CHF 43,000 (approx. $45,600) – it retails with on a carbon-treated alligator leather strap with titanium buckles.