Citizen debuts new mechanical movement, Series 8 automatic collection for 2021

It’s been almost a decade since the Japanese watch maestro introduced a new mechanical movement. For the first time after 2010, the brand’s unveiled a new Caliber 0200 that is a state-of-the-art mechanical movement in a high-end watch.

Combining an unparalleled unification of Japanese and Swiss watchmaking techniques, the new caliber 0200 takes watch manufacturing to a new high both aesthetically and mechanically. Fashioned in collaboration with Swiss movement specialist La Joux-Perret the 0200 – which offers 60 hour power reserve – finds itself in a 40mm watch that is projected to retail for almost $6,000. 

The Series 8

In addition to the Citizen’s first mechanical movement since 2010, for this year’s exorbitant lineup, the marque has also relaunched the Series 8 collection in a slightly affordable price bracket.

Series 8 debuted first in Japan in 2008 and had since been native to the home country. Now, Citizen is expanding it to other parts of the globe with the introduction of new strong, elegant designs with practical features. To be available in three models, Series 8 870, 830 and Series 8 831, these will be powered by two new movements.

The new movements comprise caliber 0950 – 50 hours of power reserve – and the 0951 – 42-hour power reserve. The two models 870 and 830 feature caliber 0950 while the 831 variant is powered by the caliber 0951. The Series 8 870 is an impressive and pretty robust two-piece bezel watch featuring bold indexes and chunkier hands to enhance readability. The 40mm watch comes in black dial and silver dial options and features a quasi-octagon look in steel.

More details

Things get interesting with the layered dial of the Series 8 830 that is made of mother-of-pearl and metal plates. The watch features a pretty unique polygonal case that comes in choice of polished stainless steel and black IP-coating. Series 8 831, which is powered from a different movement than the previously mentioned two watches. It also boasts a polygonal case with beautiful, glossy surfaces that feature black dial and gold tone dial. While the former comes on a bracelet, the latter is paired to a blue strap.

Since these are made for global Citizen fans, it’s disheartening to learn that the Series 8 830 watches will not be coming to the US, while the other two models will be available. There is no mention of the price, but we should know more about the watches before autumn this year – which is when the new Series 8 models are due for a launch.