Converse One Star Mid x The Ben Raemers Foundation introduced for Mental Health Awareness

The British professional skateboarder Ben Raemers was one of the most popular skaters ever lived. His death in 2019 shocked the skateboarding community. Because of him, The Ben Raemers Foundation started with the goal of ending the stigma of issues concerning mental health. It mainly targets the skateboarders who otherwise don’t want to talk about mental health. 

Avid skateboarders know Ben Raemers for his special talent. He was all out with his support for fellow skaters and the whole skateboarding community. The foundation that was set to offer mental health support system for skateboarders has partnered with Converse to come up with a special Converse One Star Mid x The Ben Raemers Foundation. 

This special edition Converse One Star Mid has been designed to help more people understand mental health.  The Ben Raemers Foundation for Mental Health Awareness was started to promote mental health and well-being of skaters. This pair is only one symbol of the partnership but we know morre are being done. 

Converse One Star Mid Special Edition

Converse One Star Mid Ben Raemers Foundation Where to Buy

Ben Raemers’ legacy is honored by this special edition of the Converse sneakers. The One Star Mid has always been a popular silhoutte. It is also a favorite of the Converse CONS team member. 

The Converse One Star Mid Raemers version features the skater’s  signature navy blue. On the lateral is the skater’s silhouette. The pair doesn’t just look good. It’s also durable for modern skating. 

The  One Star style is used as a skater shoe. It comes with the white star logo placed on the midfoot, white stictching, plus a unique heel badge. The midsole is two-tone .

Converse Remembers Ben Raemers  

Converse One Star Mid Ben Raemers Foundation Design

Ben Raemers had a special relationship with Converse. The special Converse Ben Raemers Foundation shoe is a testament to the skater’s friendship with the people at Converse. 

Raemers was a CONS teammate so this pair is really special. You don’t even have to be a skater to understand the friendship and professional relationship between Raemers and the brand. Converse has always been supportive of many people and different campaigns. This is just one. 

The Ben Raemers Foundation x Converse One Star Mid will be available on May 14. Check the Converse webstore. The market release is just in time for Raemer’s second death anniversary on May 16.