Reebok x Tom and Jerry Footwear Collection coming in 2020

It can’t be because 2020 is the Year of the Rat but Reebok is launching a new collection that makes you remember rats. Well, some will say Jerry is a mouse but really, what’s the difference? Tom is always energetic trying to catch Jerry. Jerry remains quick, always outwitting Tom. The duo is a favorite of many and now Reebook is offering a collection that features the characters in three different styles.

After the plant-based Reebok Forever Floatride GROW pair, here is the Tom and Jerry Footwear Capsule for the kids and the adults. Reebok always turns to a nostalgia that it’s bringing back our childhood favorite. We can’t say the first pair in the collection, the Instapump Fury, is something you’d want to wear every day because of all the fake fur but it’s worth a look.

Reebok Instampump Fury x Tom

Reebok Tom and Jerry Footwear Capsule A

The Instampump Fury x Tom features a combination of gray fur, leather, neoprene, and rubber. You can’t miss the Tom and Jerry branding at the tongue and heel plus the bright yellow rubber yellow swatches along the forefoot.

The leather toe cap is said to look like Tom’s nose and yes, we agree. At the heel, you will see a green patch.

Reebook Tom and Jerry Club C Revenge

Reebok Tom and Jerry Footwear Capsule C

The Club C Revenge is meant to feature Jerry. The upper is cream while the inner collar is pink. The furry orange laces could be patterned after Jerry’s tail.

The pair really looks retro even with the Tom and Jerry rubber patch on the sidewalls. The outsole is semi-translucent while the midsole is kind of yellowish vintage.

Reebok Club C x Tom & Jerry

The Reebok Club C x Tom & Jerry now features both characters. If you love them both and if you love doodles, you will want to buy this pair. The shoes are set with a leather base in ecru with the upper featuring drawings of the famous cat and mouse.

There is a woven tab at the tongue. The toe box has some perforations while the laces are simply flat. Making the pair comfortable is the fleece lining.

The pricing of the three Reebook x Tom and Jerry Sneakers will be around $100 to $200. They will be out beginning February 15 at select stores worldwide and Reebook’s website.