Converse Returns To The Court With A Dark Twist – The All Star Pro BB ‘Nocturnal’

Converse is a classic that everyone from Boomers to Gen Y knows and loves! It was one of the first big players of sneaker culture before sneaker culture was even a thing. Converse first came up with the glow-in-dark designs in 1987 with the uppers and the outsoles were illuminated and today that iconic shoe has a 2019 makeover giving us the All Star Pro BB ‘Nocturnal’ – a legendary collaboration with Nike basketball designer, Eric Avar!

With 90s and neon back in fashion, Converse’s latest pair is here to make a bold comeback to the beloved court.

The Dark Prince of Sneaker Land Is Here

The All Star Pro BB ‘Nocturnal’ continues Converse’s end-of-year tradition and succeeds last year’s holiday edition of an Eric Avar classic. It also showcases how Converse has evolved in the last two decades when it comes to experimenting with phosphorescence with Nocturnals taking the legacy into the next decade.

The glow-in-the-dark insole unit of the Nocturnals elevates the brand’s latest performance basketball shoe in to a striking statement for sneakers on the streets – perform outside the court too! The All Star Pro BB ‘Nocturnal’ is one of the best collaborations between Nike and Converse as they continue to push the boundaries of sneaker culture.

Converse’s Nocturnal Sneakers Will Keep You Up Dreaming All Night

The Nocturnal silhouette is enigmatic and when it was completely revealed, it was everything you thought it could be – a neon green body with red laces and black Converse branding that gives you an energy surge by simply looking at it! Eric Avar has made sure the fashion matches it function with QuadFit mesh uppers and matching Nike react midsoles for cushioning.

Take these to the court for after-hours practice, take them to the disco for when the lights go out or strut down the street and level up in the sneaker world, either way, end the year with a luminous bang! The Nocturnals are out already – right in time for Christmas (take note of the Grinch-y color scheme)!