Gucci Ultrapace R Transparent Rubber Sneakers now available

Gucci has always been synonymous with craftsmanship and luxury. It has entered the world of shoe lovers several times in the past and that has actually remained.

The last one we featured were the Gucci Mens Rubber Mules. We said the new pair was almost ready for summer and eternal lounging. We also remember that Gucci Fria Wool Ankle Boot. For the sneakerheads, here’s the Gucci Ultrapace series that makes you want to run more—if not, just collect more shoes. 

Gucci Ultrapace R New Iteration 

Gucci Ultrapace R Transparent Rubber Shoes

Gucci is also known for its daring pieces. The new  Ultrapace R will be out as part of the Fall/Winter 2021–ready in transparent rubber. The shoes look unique with its transparent look that is somewhat futuristic. 

The upper is set in full transparent rubber. The sneakers still show some design and details especially on the overlaying panels.  Interestingly, the rubber is one piece though so you won’t see any overlay. 

Gucci Ultrapace R Transparent Rubber Shoe Design

Gucci Ultrapace R Transparent Rubber Sneakers

Branding is found on the rear. You will see a “GG” and Ultrapace R on the black and neon yellow cup. The tongue features a metallic silver rubber that is topped by what is described as a wire dial closure system. You can adjust the fit with this closure so you can be more comfortable. The shoe interior shows a knitted material  in red. The  sole unit is clear rubber. 

The new Gucci Ultrapace R Transparent Rubber Sneakers can be purchased for $890. The pair is now available on Gucci boutiques and the Gucci online store