Creative and handy kitchenware by Caveman Factory

Caveman Factory’s founder, Ryann Aoukar is a Canadian interior architect by profession. These artistic and sensible kitchen products are his brainchild. His intellect of interior beautification is highly visible in these functional art pieces.

The kitchenware is well thought out for its functional versatility and durability. A vision of ‘no need to store’ is well achieved, along with simplicity of function. These contemporary products present an impression of fresh artwork on your countertop or dining table. With your modern kitchens in place, now it’s time to get creative with this range of kitchenware.

 Eating health and saving water

First up in the collection is the Anton Strainer Bowls, which comes in a unique bowl and funnel design to help save up to 60% of water as compared to traditionally food strainers.

Made of BPA free, food grade Polypropylene, this bowl is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe.  Allowing less utensil clutter your kitchen, this multifunctional design lets you drain, rinse, soak, serve and plate a meal in a single bowl.

This bowl measures 12″x9″x4″. Its funnel-like strainer is placed slightly higher on a side from the base. When placed on a countertop, it keeps the bowl stable and retains water to soak. This funnel works as a firm handle to drain the liquid as required in a sink, a cup or in a plant.

The re-invented cutting board

This contemporary LiFT Cutting Board showcases a genius design, a round-shaped cutting board that can be extended to a larger area, need basis, by an attractive multifunctional ring around the board. This creative piece serves as a platter post finishing the freshly cut and prepped produce. On the centre board there is a curved lip to facilitate easy one hand lift to transfer the chopped material.

There is a 15-inch centre ring, which when placed over the grooved side on the outer ring, allows you to collect juices in the ring while cutting juicy fruits or veggies. When using it as a platter you may serve the sauce or gravy in this grooved ring.

LiFT Cutting Board has two models. One is made with BPA free, food grade Polypropylene and the other has a walnut cutting board in the centre.