Honor 20 Series ready for launch – why these smartphones might be a cool deal

Honor is a leading smartphone e-brand that’s nested under the Huawei name, but it might also be a smartphone brand that you’ve never heard of. Honor smartphones tend to rank consistently high in value for money, making them a purchase that’s both, affordable and stylish.

In case you haven’t already heard, Honor smartphones have a mass following of a hundred million users with fans across the world, many of whom are Millennials. Why is this a big deal? Well because research by the Pew Research Center, for example, has found that almost all Millennials (close to 97%) are internet users, with close to 30% of them being smartphone-only internet users. Which means that cellphone manufacturers have a lot to gain if they get their smartphone formulas right and ripe for injection among these users.

The company has practically catapulted to cult-like status among millennials, capturing the hearts of those at the epicenter of the digital age. So what’s the secret sauce in Honor’s recipe for success? So far it’s been through a combination of functionality, camera tech, good overall aesthetic design and – wait for it – a price point that doesn’t make bank accounts bleed green. Surprise!

Honor abides by an ‘Always Better’ design philosophy that drives the brand to go beyond in everything they create. The company’s commitment to innovation and approach has put them at the fringe of competition with giants like Apple and Samsung all vying for the same uses. And the prognosis is good for Honor as much of the feedback from those with previous Honor phones seems positive with quality and user experience all wrapped up in a nice package.

Most Honor sales take place online for various cost-saving and distribution-simplifying reasons. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever see an Honor phone when walking down the aisle of a Best Buy. In the US, however, Honor phones are sold through online retailers like Amazon, but not so certain which of the networks in the States are compatible with the phones.

Later this month, Honor will launch its new Honor 20 Series smartphones in London, England at an event that’s being called “Capture Wonder”. The title is presumably a nod to the smartphone’s photographic prowess. We got wind of a few things to expect from the new series. Here’s what you need to know so far:

The Honor 20 Series smartphones will feature a professional-grade camera with an asymmetrical L-shaped positioning of the camera lenses. The new positioning allows Honor to add additional lenses for higher levels of optical zoom without taking up additional space, which in turn allows for a bigger battery inside. Based upon what we already know about the phones, there should be more useful features that we intend to put to the test.

The new devices will sport a multi-dimensional, Dynamic Holographic glassback. Honor likes to push the boundaries in state-of-the-art craftsmanship, despite the price tag. The Dynamic Holographic glassback is created through a precise and complex assembly process called Triple 3D Mesh Technology.

We have yet to see if our minds will be delighted and dazzled by the depth-inducing optical effect the company claims “the outcome reminisces the mesmerizing optical effect as light enters the ocean”, depending on the hue. I mean, don’t get me wrong, tons of tiny prisms engraved with a nanotechnology sounds pretty enticing – if you’re in to that sort of thing.

The phone is finished finally with an additional two surfaces: a glass surface and a second layer that is coated in a hue. Also worth noting is the fact that tens of colors will be available to choose from, giving customers a multitude of color options that’s uncommon – almost bespoke-like with an anti-fingerprint surface.

We’ll be there to cover the whole Honor shebang in London. So let’s see if the new Honor 20 Series really is like a piece of modern art with top-notch aesthetics and technology.

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