Curry 8 Golden Flow available in white, metallic gold colorway

The Curry Brand was officially announced last month by Under Armour. This means we can look forward to more Curry shoes being released in the market. Under Armour and the NBA star Steph Curry have had good relationship the past years but it’s been more strengthened with the launch of the Curry Brand. 

Under Armour’s Curry Brand is more than just a rival of Nike’s Jordan series. As we mentioned before, it’s also more than just about sports.  The brand was formed with special goals in mind like reaching youth athletes from all over the globe, support hundreds of athlete-oriented programs, build safe playgrounds, and train and develop about 15,000 coaches.  

Special Curry 8 Out in majestic colors

Under Armour Curry 8 Golden Flow White Metallic Gold Basketball Shoes

The Curry Brand has recently introuced a new pair—the Curry 8 Golden Flow. The shoes boast of a lighter colorway compared to the previous models. The White and Metallic Gold color combination is simple yet spells “majestic”. 

The NBA master three-pointer’s new pair has been designed to honor his basketball journey. This includes previous mentors and coaches that were part of Curry’s career. One notable inclusion is the “DavidsonTCC” mark on the sock liners. It means “Trust, Commitment, Care”—the three words Curry’s coach at Davidson University used to say a lot.

Bedazzled Curry 8 24k for the Game-Changers

The Golden Flow Curry 8 is mainly white with gold accents at the right places. If they’re not “gold” enough for you, you may want to check out a special version of the Curry 8 Golden Flow. Eight pairs of “24k” Curry Flow 8 have been bedazzled. Under Armour and Steph Curry teamed up with  Dan Life, a custom jewelry designer, to come up with the “golden pairs”. 

The bedazzled pairs won’t be sold in the market. They will be given to  deserving leaders who have shared their lives on sports programs to offer help to aspiring athletes. The  leaders that will be given the special pairs ae those that bring opportunities and access to local youth, mentors, and coaches within different communities. 

 The Curry 8 Golden Flow is mainly designed for the basketball court. The knitted base is covered in metallic gold. It’s the same with the textured midsoles and treading. The heel overlay and mudguards allow a more pronounced  treading. The heel tabs that show the Curry Brand, lace loops, and lace tips are set in gold.

You can now avail of the Curry 8 Golden Flow from select retailers, UA Brand Houses, and Curry Brand for $160. Expect more Curry 8 iterations will be introduced after this.