LEGO Home Alone set featuring 3,955 pieces will give your family hours of joyful time

Taking us back in time of classic holiday films of our youth, LEGO has launched a Home Alone set. In time for the festive season, this set is designed to offer fans an ultimate building experience as they spend quality family time.

The LEGO Ideas Home Alone set comprising a whopping 3,955 pieces and five minifigs (of the characters from the epic flick) will be available starting November 1 for $249.99. The set is split up in an assortment of Advent Calendar-esque 24 build bags that you can put together to build the iconic McCallister family home in sequence of the movie right from Kevin’s encounter with the bandits to his reunion with mum.

McCallister family home in LEGO bricks

This is for the first time that a grand home from the Home Alone movie has been adapted in LEGOs. And the set featuring an impressive 3,955 piece is the largest set realized from the LEGO Ideas forum.

Yes, the design of the LEGO set was submitted to the company’s Ideas platform by Alex Storozhuk, a 28-year-old Ukrainian. Offered with a step-by-step guide to put the mansion together, the set will offer a family hours of fun activity during the holiday season.

The details

The LEGO set perfectly captures the look and feel of the McCallister home where mayhem unfolded when Kevin was left alone at home to encounter burglars Marv and Harry. The house in LEGOs is packed with elements you’ll instantly recognize from Kevin’s adventures through the movies.

For instance, the house is accompanied by Kevin’s treehouse in the backyard he can zipline into, to foil the robbers. The remarkable scene with Kevin and the after-shave can also be replicated within this LEGO house along with other antics.

As said, the Home Alone LEGO set comes complete with the basement and attic and features LEGO Minifigures of Kevin, Harry, Marv, the old man Marley and Kevin’s mum Kate. Of utmost joy here is the opening mechanism of the house; the roof opens upwards and the walls in the middle open sideways to give you a peek into the interiors featuring a fireplace, grandfather clock and record player amid other items.