Curry Brand officially launched under Under Armour

Ah yes, we knew it’s only a matter of time. Steph Curry having his own brand was bound to happen. He may be young but the three-time NBA champion has earned his place in the history of basketball. He deserves his own signature. The Stephen Curry Collection with Under Armour was only the first step. Now, he’s getting his own to probably challenge Nike’s Jordan line. 

Curry is now an official Under Armour brand. The Golden State Warriors’  top player has his own imprint now while vying for his fourth ring. The 2020-2021 NBA season may not be the same but it is expected to be just as exciting. 

Steph Curry’s Legacy Continues to Grow

The Curry Brand will offer gear that are ready for court. From footwear to apparel to hoops accessories, the Curry Brand will carry them all. The items will obviously bear Curry’s new signature logo. 

Under Armour’s Curry Brand is more than just about sports. It will also introduce special initiatives with the goal of reaching 100K youth athletes from all over the world by 2025. Some of the efforts will include training and developing 15,000 coaches, supporting 125 athlete-oriented programs, and building at least 20 safe playgrounds. 

The Curry Brand will be “all about doing good in everything that we do” as Steph Curry described. He said: “I’ve tried to embody that in my own actions, and I think it’s also something that other people can really get behind no matter where they are in life or what their goals are, sports or otherwise. We all have the ability to impact the next person and to give back in some way, and that’s more important now than ever before.”

Aimed to Change the Game for Good

The brand aims to change the game for good. It’s another effort of Curry to make basketball more accessible to young people, on and off court. A percentage of the annual revenue will be used in helping under-resourced communities. The efforts will begin in Oakland as it has already partnered with organizations like  Coaching Corps and Positive Coaching Alliance. Curry wants to give back to his community where he started. 

With Steph Curry’s brand under Under Armour, consumers and his fans can now help the communities more than ever. The youth and athletes will greatly benefit from every purchase of a Curry Brand product. First drop of Curry Brand apparel is today, December 1. On the 11th of December, Curry 8 will be released by Under Armour.