Dainese Smart Airbag Vest: stylish and versatile protection for your motorcycle ride

Dainese has been making high quality motorcycle gear and apparel since 1968. Through the decades, the company has continued in lock step with time, the evolution and trends in motorcycle gear and apparel. The latest item brought to the market in the Dainese collection is the D-Air® Protection Smart Jacket.

Dainese is one of the most recognized brands in the world when it comes to high-quality motorcycle protection and accessories in marketplace. Headquarters are based in Venice, Italy, and this manufacturer has made an old-world tradition of outfitting motorcycle enthusiasts with well-crafted, luxury pieces designed with practicality and purpose. Even though they’ve been in business since 1968, the company uses history to their advantage in products that reflect their experience and modern technological know-how – as is such the case with the D-Air® Protection smart airbag vest.

The D-Air® Protection is a highly advanced smart jacket. The airbag technology has been in use by the MotoGP champions out on the fast track, and it’s available now, for you to use and benefit its protection against stationary impact. More than 20 years of research and development went into making the D-air® technology a reality.

This jacket is made for both men and women, is extremely versatile, and can be worn under or over jackets, dress shirts, and tee-shirts. It is also foldable and easy to stow in any top box, back pack, or case for travel when not in use. No connection is required to the bike, therefore, the vest can be transferred to anyone, on the back of any bike, on any road.

The Shield, or the airbag, is a Dainese proprietary and patented technology, at the core of the product. Internal microfilaments integrated with the technology guarantee that the jacket inflates with an even amount throughout – to give maximum protection to chest and back of a rider. The jacket provides the equivalent to seven, Level 1 back protectors, but without the need of all of the hardshell gear.

The brains of this smart jacket use the sophisticated D-air® algorithm. The algorithm has been carefully developed to predict accidents. It was developed extensively over the last two decades and designed to analyze data, from seven different sensors strategically placed on the product, at the rate of 1,000 times per second. The sensors and algorithm in combination are able to detect and determine a dangerous situation. An unsafe moment triggers the algorithm and activates the entire system when necessary.

The Dainese Smart Jacket is made of very breathable materials to maintain a high level of ventilation that is good at keeping you very comfortable. The external fabric is ventilated, but it is on the inside where you’ll find the most innovation, where the Shield folds over on itself. The jacket is made for all weather conditions, which means you don’t have to worry should when the weather turns inclement – the smart jacket features a water-repellent fabric and the D-air® technology is waterproof to protect a rider in both wet and dry conditions.

The beauty of this product is in its versatility, lightweight, practical, and protective nature. And the ease of portability makes it that much more useful. The jacket can be quickly recharged and has an extensive battery life of 25 hours. The airbag can be replaced by an authorized dealer. The Dainese Smart Jacket comes available in six sizes and sells for $699 USD.