Dr. Martens x Keith Haring Collection unveiled

Let’s take a break from all the sneakers and rubber shoes. Since it’s getting a little colder in most parts of the world, it may be best to check out new pairs of boots. Let’s see what’s available for the gents and even for the ladies. 

Well, a pair of Dr. Martens may not exactly keep your feet from getting real cold in the winter. However, you can admit the shoes are pretty “cool” (pun intended). The brand just introduced a special Chinese New Year offering and now, for a good cause, the same 1461 silhoutte plus the 1460 boots are being redesigned in collaboration with the  Keith Haring Foundation.

Who is Keith Haring

Keith Haring was a popular American artist from the 1980s. His works were known for social activitism and advocacies. His illustrations presented street and pop culture and they found their way onto Dr. Martens’ boots. 

The Dr. Martens x Keith Haring collection features three pairs:  two pairs of 1461 and one pair of the 1460 boots. The company is working with the  Keith Haring Foundation and will have the shoes released for Spring/Summer 2021. It’s a first team-up between the two but the results are definitely memorable.

Keith Haring x Dr. Martens

The Keith Haring Dr. Martens 1461 shoes boast a smooth leather finish and construction that show of one of Haring’s iconic illustration. Two designs are available. One has print all-over of the artist’s graphics and line work. The other one is inspired by his famous angelicbaby imagery. 

The Keith Haring Dr. Martens 1460 is also made of smooth leather. It’s subtle with the black graphics of Haring’s figures and sketches just across the uppers. On the back side of the heel are  colorful figures. 

Dr. Martens is pleased with this collaboration as one of the brand’s several work with different artists. The spotlight now is on Haring’s artwork that are bold, cartoonish, and colorful. The brand explains further: “His publicly-minded pieces questioned authority whilst being accessible and upbeat. There was always more than met the eye.”

The  Keith Haring x Dr. Martens will be out in the market beginning January 22. The shoes will be available for purchase from Dr. Martens’ website. Pricing starts at $130 and may go on up to $160. The kids’ version will go from $65 to $90.