Drone Racing League launches Racer4-inspired $25,000 drone bed

Beds modeled after cars and car-infused tech are a common sight, however, you don’t come by a drone bed every day. When you’re in luck, you get to see something like the Drone Racing League’s bed, shaped after its flagship – DRL Racer4 – drone which represents the official league standard for pro-level racing.

The DRL Racer4-inspired bed hopes to create a new generation of fans for the young sport of drone racing, which has reached a competitive level where pilots fly custom quadcopters at over 80mph through three-dimensional courses. Now, as the pilots battle it out, you can relax in your drone-shaped bed and watch the drama unfold.

The drone bed

The is little doubt about why deep-pocketed soles would want to gift the drone enthusiasts in their life with this drone-shaped bed. But when it comes to that there are two prerequisites: The drone bed costs $25,000 (you should have that much to spare) and since the bed comes complete with spinning propellers made from high-density foam (it would require huge space at home to be positioned).

If you have that covered, DRL reckons this $25,000 bed, as the “ultimate holiday gift for the next generation of adrenaline junkies,” and you should have no reason to doubt it. Well for your choice, the DRL drone bed comes in two sizes: a twin version and a full version. In either case, the bed is made of MDF.

Additional details

For more fun and branding, the bed features the Drone Racing League logo carved into the front and red LED lights glow around the bed’s four propellers. It is applied with scratch-resistant high-grade furniture paint and comes with First Person View drone goggles as players would use in the DRL world championship. 

Interestingly, this drone bed is made to order. DRL only ships it in the US for now and should be able to deliver your order (with an optional TV mount at the end of the bed) within 2 to 4 months from the date of order. If you’d want one for yourself or as a gift, you’d have to act fast.