Dune x APL Sneaker Collection showcased

Dune, an epic sci-movie, that recently premiered in US theaters is also now streaming on HBO Max. No, this isn’t another movie promo nor a movie review but some good news for the sneakerheads who love the movie. 

The team behind Dune has teamed up with American label Athletic Propulsion Labs. The Dune X APL collection includes three new pairs that combine high-performance technology and premium design. 

Three silhouettes are available: the APL Superfuture, the TechLoom Bliss low-top slip-on, and the Techloom Defender Atreides. Each pair differ from one another. 

Dune x APL Superfuture

Dune Athletic Propulsion Labs Dune APL Superfuture Price

Starting with the Dune x APL Superfuture, this pair is mainly red. What makes this unique is the fact that it uses a footwear technology that was previously banned by the NBA. That’s not a downside. In fact, it’s great for those who want to increase vertical leaps. With the tech used, leaps can go up by 3.5-inches. 

The  Dune x APL Superfuture comes with uppers in mesh. They are held by elastic straps and synthetic panels. The pair is more durable with the reinforced TPU. The laceless pair comes with  Velcro straps, a padded ankle collar, and a rubber midsole. The  white outsole is semi-transparent.  

Dune x APL TechLoom Bliss  

Dune Athletic Propulsion Labs Dune APL TechLoom Bliss Low-top Slip-on Price

This is a low-top slip-on that appears lightweight and is really light at only 6.8 oz. The pair appears “too girly and pretty” with the  beige nylon mesh. On top and across the midfoot is a satin strap. 

The Propelium midsole is also speckled. The combination of the rubber outsole plus a forefoot crash pad adds durability.

Dune x APL Techloom Defender Atreides

Dune Athletic Propulsion Labs Dune APL Techloom Defender Atreides Launch

The Dune x APL Techloom Defender Atreides is set in green based on the evergreen forest homeland featured in the movie. It’s weatherproof as made possible by all the  water repellent materials used. Even the inside of the shoes has a waterproof vapor lining. 

The outsole is dark and thick, offering elevated traction as described, while the thick midsole is white. The tongue is made of Lycra for more comfort and better motion.

 The limited edition Dune x APL collection can now be availed in the United States. You can purchase from the APL website and flagship store in LA.