Easy Guide to Healthy Nails

When I took on the help of my Image Consultant friend for a makeover, the one thing that she said stayed engrained in my mind: ‘it takes the first few seconds for the human brain to form an impression about you.’ Apparently, our subconscious mind takes in the whole persona of a person … right down to the last details like the kind of shoes, chipped nails etc … and forms an opinion about the person, based upon the appearance and body language.

Being a really lazy person, I hardly paid any attention to my nails; a manicure a month was the most I did. However, learning from the expert I realized that she was right and I had to do something about my talons, if I were to create the right impression. Unkempt nails simply indicate that you don’t pay attention to details, are a nervous personality and not tidy.

I have formulated a few handy tips that I follow and make it easy for me to stretch my manicure effects from one week to several weeks. Both men and women can benefit from this routine. Who doesn’t want great looking nails … even the metrosexual you!

Ladies, this tip is for you

I always carry a quick-drying nail polish in my bag! Besides my lipstick for a quick touch-up, I have one of the quick-drying nail polishes in a universal dark color; it dries up in seconds and if you have a dark shade, it matches almost any color outfit and hides older chipped nail polish.

This trick has helped me enhance my impact, because when I do presentations or explain stuff, I tend to use my hands a lot. Naturally, chipped nails or nail polish will create a negative impact.

Boys, you can keep toothpicks

Toothpicks come very handy too! A soft wooden toothpick can be used to quickly clean the dirt and grime under your nails. It’s not possible for us to keep having manicures every other day, so a quick cleanup using a fresh toothpick stick is very practical. Important handshakes after a deal … you better have good looking nails!

Water is not always cool for your nails

Avoid putting your hands under water for too long. Yes, constantly doing dishes or washing clothes does take a toll on the nails. The suds strip them off the natural oils and make them brittle. If you can manage this, you can expect your manicure to last you longer and of course your nail polish too

 I have a bottle of cuticle oil on my bedside, and this because I’m too lazy and time deprived to remember to do the drill in the morning! Having this oil handy at my bedside table, serves as a reminder to apply the oil. The benefit of good cuticle oil is that it keeps your nails healthy and shiny too.

Keep ‘em short and straight

My last trick for the day is to keep my talons short and straight; you can’t go wrong with this strategy. There are zero chances of a broken nail that screws up the perfectly aligned look and keeping them clean with a transparent coat is easy.

Ladies, this is the least you should do … coat your nails with a transparent nail polish so that they look shiny and new! Maintaining a French Manicure is tough, and if can’t keep up the look, then go transparent. I’m not a big fan of the stick-on nails because they look and feel fake, and nothing beats the natural look!

Create the right impact or simply do this for yourself satisfaction, healthy nails always look good on you!