eBussy EV can be configured as ten different vehicles

One glance at this electric vehicle and your mind says it looks so similar to the Volkswagen ID Buzz. The form factor looks somewhat alike the Japanese Kei cars because of the compactness. Designed by Electric Brands, a German electric vehicle manufacturer – this is the eBussy.

Unlike any other EV on the road, this one offers ultra-modularity and is way cheaper than the most basic Tesla EV out there. So, what is it that makes the eBussy stand out from the rest?

Configurable modularity is the USP

The eBussy can be had in two chassis configurations – Off-Road AWD and City – with the freedom to configure it in 10 different setups including bus, dump truck, station wagon, convertible, and more with modular body parts. So, it can be a minivan or a pickup for a week and then turn into a camper or flatbed carrier another week. Depending on the configuration chosen, you can have things like bench seating, convertible seating area, refrigerator, freshwater tank or a sink.

The modular elements don’t end there as the electric vehicle can be tweaked for right or left-hand drive. Yes, that’s true as the steering wheel and the pedals are based on the drive-by-wire system instead of the conventional mechanically connected columns. You can even have a centered steering wheel configuration by moving it to the center of the dashboard.

Electric drivetrain tailored for extended drives

The EV is powered by a 10KWh battery which churns out an approximate range of 124 miles on a single charge. That can be extended with the regenerative braking system and power from the roof mounted solar panels. You can also choose the 30KWh battery configuration which extends the travel range to around 373 miles. The in-hub electric motors are capable of churning out 20 horsepower for a top speed of 56 mph and a good 737 pound-feet of torque.

The total weight of your eBussy depends on the form factor you opt for on any given day and it can be anywhere between 992 pounds to 1,322 pounds. The base model of the eBussy costs €15,800 ($18,525) and it goes all the way up to €28,800 ($33,309) for the off-road camper setup. Unfortunately, the EV is not coming to the US in the foreseeable future as Electric Brands is going to start sales in Europe in 2021.