Equa recyclable glass water bottles for sustainable lifestyle

We can contribute significantly to the environment with little changes in everyday habits. And carrying a water bottle with you at all times is surely one step closer to that lifestyle change. It allows you to remain hydrated and decreases dependence on packaged drinking water.

When you buy a bottle of packaged drinking water, you not only add to pollution but also compromise with your health. Single use plastic bottles are easily the biggest contributors to the growing problem of plastic pollution. It’s better therefore to carry your own reusable bottle of water. Amid so many options already out there, Equa, an environmentally-conscious Slovenian company, presents borosilicate glass bottles as an alternative.

Recyclable bottle to feel good, look good

All Equa bottles are BPA free and made methodically to last longer and support a sustainable lifestyle. These bottles do not contain any bisphenol compounds, substances otherwise present in single-use plastic bottles that can pose threat to health.

The Equa water bottles are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is durable, resistant and sustainable. You can put the bottle in the dishwasher or use it with hot beverages. Glass composition of the bottle ensure it does not release any harmful toxins on heating and keeps your beverage hot, fresh and safe for drinking even after 12 hours.

Pricing and customization  

Equa glass water bottles are available in seven different colors, in 750 ml capacity each, for approximately $27. They wear a faux leather cover for protection from breaking and to keep the liquid warm or cold for extended durations. Plus the handle on the cover makes it easy to lug the bottle around.

In addition to the fixed collection, Equa allows personalization option. You can customize a bottle with a message for your girl or a logo of your hubby’s favorite football team. If you are for these bottles, pick a glass or stainless steel bottle of your choice from the online store.