EscapeSpace: have your own Man Cave for just 12K

A man cave, otherwise known as, manspace and less commonly referred to as a manland or mantuary is a male retreat or sanctuary in a home. Like a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, or basement – it’s a space reserved for men and special guests – be it sons or other guy friends. It is here that you can watch football, work on your projects, say and do as you please; a space guided by your XY chromosomes. And, the EscapeSpace was created by tiny-home makers, ESCAPE, for just such a purpose.

According to Tufts University, a man cave is the “last bastion of masculinity” with the earliest known references to the phrase entering everyday lexicon sometime during the early 90s. And, if you happen to be married, or a father of three girls, like my uncle, then you’ll know how important these spaces can be for male ego and identity. Having a space to express your creativity and thoughts is downright therapeutic. Besides, everyone would do good with a private getaway space.

Own a man cave for $12k

ESCAPE, are well-known designers of tiny homes on wheels. The group has just unveiled EscapeSpace – a modern portable shed that can be placed anywhere and used for almost anything – perfect for a Man Cave, a She Shed, private yoga studio, or workshop. It is a great solution as real estate prices are at a premium around the country, when expansion of a home may not be possible due to space constraints, or even time and budget. It is a great cost-effective solution for having your own space costing around $12K.

EscapeSpace sheds can be used for simple utilitarian needs like storage for your fishing, golfing, or tail-gate partying gear, or it can easily become an auxiliary place for work, sleep, and play – here, you’re only limited by your imagination with full customization offered. And, even though EscapeSpace is low in price, it is constructed with care.

EscapeSpace exudes quality and craftsmanship

Each EscapeSpace is handcrafted with thorough attention to the detail and quality – in other words, this just ain’t your daughter’s plastic doll house. And by no means is this ESCAPE’s first foray into the stand-alone tiny space market, as the EscapeSpace is based off of their previously hugely successful projects, like the ESCAPE Tiny Home that Forbes Magazine referred to as “The most beautiful tiny houses in the world”. Therefore, rest assured that form and function have been thoroughly tested. Of course, the beauty of the EscapeSpace is that it can be transported anywhere if need be too.

EscapeSpace features a sustainable wood exterior with custom stain blended tongue and groove cedar, a six-foot patio door, and LowE thermopane windows. Clerestory windows allow natural light to filter in from all sides and it’s capped with a heavy EPDM roof with an aluminum fascia. The exterior wood cladding has simple lines and gives it a sleek and modern look. Add-on options are also available, like a cedar front deck with a bench.

Choose from three different designs

There are three designs to choose from that range in size from 12 to 16 feet. You can have it delivered as a shell that you finish yourself, or totally custom-designed with finished interiors, electrical, plumbing, and you can even have solar-power added for off-grid use.

The first base design is called the Studio, and it offers an open floor plan, a long horizontal window, eight-foot ceilings and a little more privacy … in a simple rectangular shape with modern aesthetic: the 12-foot option starts at $11,900 and the 16-footer goes for $14,870. While the Glass Studio is filled with large windows for full views to the outside and maple flooring and trim.

The MA and Classic options

The second design available is called MA – titled after the Japanese word for “space” which starts with the idea of nothing and adding essential layers – and is ultra-modern. It offers clean-lines, glass walls, and slanted roof. The Base price is $12,800 for the 12-foot shed and $15,970 for the 16-foot one. The MA design has a great woodsy and craftsman vibe to it, in addition to exuding Zen. With an option of a window wall, the finished interior of the MA shed is wrapped in wood and very warm and inviting.

The last option is the Classic, that can remain an empty shell or made into a fully-built-out retreat, it is equally adept at being a tool shed to a guest house with vaulted ceilings, sleeping area, kitchen, dining table, and storage. The Classic Base price starts at $13,950 (12-feet) and $16,400 (16-feet). It has a gabled metal roof and traditional architectural form with optional deck and lighting.