Super Bowl Commercials: Watch two ads that feature music stars

The Super Bowl has always been the best time to promote new products and services. If you’re a big brand, you surely can afford a spot. Being able to afford it is one thing. The real challenge is– to come up with one that people will remember.

The ad you want to show is something that people will talk about for all the right reasons. If you can, you may strive for a commercial that will top the Super Bowl half time show in terms of popularity. But then again ads and the halftime show are two different things. (And no, we don’t think any ad could top that Shakira-JLO’s performance)

Two commercials caught our fancy. We hope you didn’t miss the ads for Bud Light Seltzer and Doritos Cool Ranch. Both ads featured some of the biggest music stars today.

Bud Light Seltzer

Post Malone has a hard time deciding what to get—a Bud Light Seltzer or a Bud Light. The ad may remind you of Disney’s Inside Out where the emotions inside struggle in making decisions.

The ad was actually chosen by fans earlier on. The winning video shows Malone getting into a convenience store trying to decide what to get. He goes with both Bud Light flavors because hey, he’s incredibly rich.

Doritos, The Cool Ranch

Sam Elliot’s voice is very noticeable. My eyes can be closed and could identify it’s him.

The iconic Old Town Road plays with Lil Nas X, a cowboy here, dances off with Sam Elliot. The latter makes his mustache dance and doesn’t bog in dancing off with the other party.

The competition ends when the horse doesn’t want to dance. Lil Nas X then leaves with a bag of Doritos Cool Rance. Billy Ray Cyrus even makes a cameo playing the guitar, saying he ain’t dancing.