FIDO Smart Lock is break and hack proof

The concept of renting out your home to strangers took off big-time with Airbnb, but also came with serious challenges for home owners. Handing off a key remains one of the biggest problems, especially if the apartment was not shared with the home owner. However, this problem can be easily solved with the installation of a Smart Lock.

FIDO is a Smart Lock for the security and safety of your home. Sporting a very minimal design, this award-winning door handle shaped lock uses four different methods to gain access to the home. The door can be unlocked with your fingerprint, Bluetooth, dedicated App or with an inducted access card.

Security and Safety Above All

FIDO is Unbreakable and Un-hackable thanks to the advanced safety features included in the technology to support the lock. Very easy to setup, the lock comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty and a battery that will last at least one year.

It’s easy to think of FIDO being ideal for Airbnb guests. And for all practical purposes, it’s an easy way to give access to family and friends as well. The FIDO App ensures that all access granted is managed well. You can also retrieve data for their logs.

Unlocking the Lock

A nanny-dependent parent can use the data from the logs, to monitor the time in and out of the house, of the nanny, in their absence. Truth be told, I can totally imagine my teens hating the concept of me watching their time in and out of the house, but we all know that good parenting means keeping an eye on these details as well.  

It’s happened to almost all of us – forgetting our house keys at home and being locked out! One of the biggest advantages of a Smart Lock is keyless access, which means no more carrying the house keys on you! I also like the fact that FIDO doesn’t rely only on fingerprint access or the App. By including two more options (four in all), you have something to back you up, in case one tech access fails.

Although you have the authority over all e-keys via the FIDO app, you can change or remove the control access for security at any time. In case someone tries to force their way in by trying to pinch the lock, the internal system automatically triggers an alarm via the App, notifying the owners of a break-in.

The concept of Smart Locks is not new, but with the FIDO, you are reassured on the security and safety aspects.

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  • William Beckett
    Posted December 11, 2019 8:28 am 0Likes

    Don’t bother with this, it is just a scam. I ordered one which should have ben delivered weeks ago, or so they claim, but they won’t provide tracking, nor answer my emails.

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