Tarion Zone modular backpack is flexible and highly customizable photography companion

Choosing the right kind of bag for your cameras and other gear is not an easy task. Some backpacks tend to turn out big in size for the cameras or the pockets are too small for the batteries. For the frequent strugglers amid us, Tarion Zone modular and customizable backpack comes as a wonderful lifesaver.

With Tarion’s modular backpack the user can try out a range of combinations to customize the bag space according to the size and requirement of the cameras, lenses, batteries and other personal items. The backpack basically permits LEGO blocks-style configuration of compartments within.

The modular organizer

The fully customizable Tarion Zone modular backpack offers you a solution where you can skip the task of measuring the size of cameras and lens and then picking the bag that can fit your gear. The modular backpack here will let you fit in all size gear and a little more by customizing it to the requirement.

Considered the ultimate photography backpack, the Tarion Zone is more to that tag. It allows you to stock in all the gear you’d want alongside the cameras, lenses and batteries that you would require on your perfect photography day out.

The Tarion Zone bag comprises a modular organizer with six dividers that can be placed within it – horizontally or vertically – in any size configuration. Its position can be altered according to the object you’re trying to accommodate. The divider is made of soft yet heavily padded material for shock absorption, while the exterior of the backpack is made from lycra.

The composition

Whether you go on short organized photography trips or go want to go camping with all the photography gear, laptop, tent, drone and more, the Tarion Zone has you covered. It comprises a full set including a shoulder bag, modular organizer and a backpack. The former two can also be used independently of the backpack.

Tarion Zone as a backpack is designed to allow the user to take out items from the bottom and side of the backpack with ease. It is equipped with an adjustable strap featuring a magnetic clip and has organizing pockets that can be fastened to the modular organizer for extra space using Velcro.

When you are going out with more than what fits into the Tarion Zone you can strap it onto the backpack. For instance, a tent, tripod or even a drone can be fastened to the bag using adjustable straps with magnetic clips.