Find yourself inside the song with Inmergo bone conducting headphones

Bone conducting headphones are the latest innovation in audio technology which transfers music to the ears via vibrations in the skull. The technology ensures people hard of hearing can also experience audio which was earlier never possible with conventional headphones.

As sci-fi as it seems, bone conducting headphones are going to be the future, and already, there are many options out there for tech-savvy audiophiles. Latest in-line is the Inmergo.

What’s in the innards?

Inmergo bypasses the eardrum to conduct vibrations directly to the cochlea (hearing part of the inner ear) via the skull bone. The headphones have waterproof speakers immersed in liquid which are enclosed by a pliable membrane that transmits vibrations with touch.  

This ensures amazing clarity in audio which is sometimes not so rich in other bone conducting headphones. The sound may not be as impressive as a Bose or a Sennheiser, but the designer informs, ‘the output audio is omni-directional high-fidelity immersive experience.’ There’s richer bass which enhances the audio experience.

Behind the design

Designed by Rocco Giovannoni, 2019 graduate from the Royal College of Art this pair of soft silicone bone conducting headphones is a league apart in both visual appeal and performance. It is designed in two models – as headphones and as five-unit helmet that wraps around the head more comprehensively.

The Inmergo headphones look pretty much out of this world, adopted from some alien society. With large cups for the ears and forehead, the cans fit snuggly over the ears, looping around the head to position well on the forehead. People who’ve tested the headphones have been amazed by the experience, which is like being enveloped inside a song.