Finest coffee-scented candles to make your day

Some people just love to get a few extra minutes of sleep before waking up to the sweet aroma of fresh coffee. If you love the beverage and its scent, consider lighting a coffee-scented candle to create an amazing aroma as you start your day.

Coffee-scented candles can infuse your home with a distinct caffeine fragrance that can be described as flowery, nutty, smoky and even herby. Whether you’re a morning person or a resolute night owl, here are a few coffee-scented candles that will invigorate you and lift your spirits for a wonderful day ahead.

Boulangerie Espresso Jar Candle

People who have never had coffee will fall in love with the beverage after lighting the Boulangerie Espresso Jar Candle. This espresso-scented candle has been created from coffee beans and almond milk and is the closest thing to an actual cup of Joe. It is designed to mimic the ultimate espresso and has soy wax blend with a cotton wick.

Fragrance Notes: The coffee-perfumed candle comes infused with top notes of almond milk, dark cacao and patchouli.

Yankee Candle Café Al Fresco

This large jar candle from Yankee Candle can burn for 110 to 150 fragrant hours, creating an inviting and soothing vibe in your space. The candle is made from high-quality paraffin wax, which offers a clear and consistent burn that fills the air with warm scents. It features a natural fiber wick to ensure the best burn.

Fragrance Notes: It has notes of cinnamon, coffee and a touch of caramel, giving it a spicy and sweet bouquet of smells.

Homesick Seattle Candle

Seattle Candle from Homesick holds a scent that has been inspired by a strong cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon. Seattle is famous for being a coffee mecca, and this candle invokes the memory of the city. It has a burn time of 60-80 hours. Made from a natural soy wax blend, the candle also has a premium cotton wick and custom fragrant oils.

Fragrance Notes: This candle combines the notes of coffee with pine needles, rain, cedar meld, rhubarb, musk and lemon to transport you to a rainy day in Seattle.

Sicily Hill Cappuccino Candle

This big, triple-wick Cappuccino Candle from Sicily Hill comes in a lavish nude tone handbag-inspired box. The neutral candle will imbue your space with warm scents of coffee. It had a soy-based wax blend and gold artwork embossing on the jar. The 26-ounce jar candle can last for hours on end with a cotton wick.

Fragrance Notes: The candle is described as containing a warm scent with bouquets of espresso and caramel. Imagine a combination of the smells of a coffee roast brewing on a fall morning and a bakery during the holiday season.

Café Society Candle

The Café Society Candle from famed French perfumer Frédéric Malle is one-of-a-kind and carries the fragrances you would experience while dining in Paris. It is an attempt to re-create the transient fragrance of coffee being served at the end of a Parisian dinner. It is composed of vegetal and tallow wax. The hand-made candle comes in a hand-blown glass jar with a signature red interior.

Fragrance Notes: The sensual scents contain a soft nostalgia with notes of patchouli, amber and a hint of lavender.