Five snuggest IKEA products to warm up your home this fall

It is that time of the year when you prepare your home for snuggly night-ins so you can curl up on a couch with a mug of tea. It is the cozy season! Like your wardrobe, your house needs a makeover for the winters with essentials that will make your space warm and welcoming.

Although it can be overwhelming to pick out the coziest items for your house, IKEA has a wide range of snuggest essentials for the comfy lifestyle. From luxurious accessories to ambient lighting, you can get most essentials from IKEA to make your house a comfortable and warm haven for cold days. Check out a few options below:  

RENS Sheepskin Rug

IKEA’s soft sheepskin rug is perfect to welcome warmth in your house. The Swedish retailer’s iconic sheepskin is not only cozy, it is excellently versatile as well. You can throw it over the arm of your sofa for a sophisticated winter-wonderland look, put it on the floor for a plushy feel underfoot, or throw it in front of your fireplace for you to curl upon. The white wool rug is durable and soil-repellent. It is loved by professional designers and IKEA fans alike. Moreover, for only $29.99, you can have these irresistible beauties for every room in the house.


Lanterns immediately conjure up the imagery of warm winter cabins and roaring fires. STRALA lantern gives a soft glowing light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The brass-colored lantern flawlessly blends style with function, pairing a vintage-inspired shape and metal finish with modern LED light. There is a built-in timer that automatically turns on the light at the same time every day and makes it glow for six hours. As it is battery operated and does not need to be connected to any sort of power outlet, it can be placed anywhere in the house. Get this stunning lighting fixture for $24.99.


Who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning? This GLADELIG mug is perfect for your morning mocha to your evening mulled wine. Its beautifully sandy-glazed surface gives it a handmade appearance. This classic stoneware style looks amazing and would make a wonderful addition to your kitchen. You can get yourself a single piece for $2.99, or you can combine it with other items in the GLADELIG series to create a matched table layout. It is a timeless piece with a distinctive and decorative design.

ISDRABA Cushion Cover

This white cushion cover is incredibly soft and can be yours for $12.99. Easy to clean as it can be machine washed, this plush pillow is an ideal addition to your couch for the winter season. You can pair it with other snuggest textures, such as wool and velvet, or contrast it with a seasonal pattern like plaid or Fair Isle pattern.


This light pink woven throw in acrylic and cotton is great to wrap around to feel warm and comforting on the balcony or on the sofa indoors. It offers a lovely and comfy splash of color and feels soft against the skin. You can get this soft knitted throw for $19.99.