1017 ALYX 9SM with Chrome-Vibram introduced

Boots rarely go out of fashion but to be considered stylish, they will depend on the style and the season. For Spring and Summer 2020, we’re seeing new collections from different brands and fashion houses. ALYX STUDIO wants to go ahead by showing off the new 1017 ALYX 9SM Low Buckle Boots.

This new pair looks classic in black leather—something that will last a long time. As for the aesthetics, the black, shiny shoes come with similar hardware and design. 

Streetwear Fashion is In

Designed by Matthew M. Williams, the pair showcases what streetwear fashion is all about. It may be something only the true and bold fashionista can ever wear especially with the silver chrome details. The signature rollercoaster buckle is there placed around the cuff.

This Chelsea-like pair shows a set of black cords crisscrossed. The Vibram sole unit is made of chrome silver but the base is still rubber.

Perfect Contrast of All-Black, Chrome Silver

The rear part shows a pull tab on both shoes. The boots feature a premium leather interior. So how much will the damage to your pocket be? $1,145 for a pair. That expensive. You can buy the pair from select retailers like LN-CC.

There is a similar variant inside from Alyx Studio but it’s not shiny. It makes use of vegetable tanned leader so the surface has character.

The pair has been handmade in Italy and continues to show the uniqueness of the brand. We have a feeling more colors will be introduced someday.

We can’t get over the price but the Low Buckle Boot with Vibram-Chrome from Alyx Studio is something special. Just by the looks of it, the pair can be used for hitting. We’rekidding. A combat boot perhaps? Naaah, too pricey.