Futuristic Dyson Zone headphones beam sublime sound and pure filtered air

Dyson is well known for its classy hair dryers, air purifiers, and vacuum cleaners, but now they’ve created something that’s purely uplifting. Dubbed the Dyson Zone, the sci-fi looking pair of headphones has been six years in development, and it’s something none of us has seen before. More than your standard ANC headphones, the wearable beams pure air for the user to breathe.

Here’s where things get interesting as the headphones have a visor attachment that connects (via magnets) to the audio accessory – suspending in front of the mouth and nose directing filtered air. The core idea is to keep safe from any air pollutants in the most stylish way possible.  

Unique pair of cans with a purpose

Zone headphones are the first venture of Dyson into audio accessories market, but they are doing it differently from others. Banking on their years of experience in air filtration technology, Zone headphones sit comfortably on the face (though they are a bit heavy), creating a bubble of crosswind in front of the nose.

The tech entices me to get a hands-on experience right away since the ear cups of the headphone suck in ambient air and direct it towards the dual layers of filters. The particulates measurings 0.1 microns or higher (like dirt, allergens or bacteria) are captured here.

On top of this, a carbon filter captures any harmful gases including Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Four different filtration levels – low, medium, high, and auto let the user toggle the amount of air directed in the bubble.

Ear-pleasing sound

While you’re not out there in a polluting environment, the Dyson Zone headphones pack a punch with high-quality sound. As Dyson very confidently says in the press release that Zone will create a faithful reproduction of musicians’ tracks. So, we can expect audiophile-level music to be pumped into the ears.

The Dyson Zone headphones have three Active Noise Cancellation modes – Isolation, Conversation, and Transparency. The isolation mode activates when the face visor is raised, conversation mode kicks in when the visor is lowered, and transparency mode is useful for listening to ambient sounds when you need to be aware of the environment.           

The pricing of these futuristic headphones has not yet been revealed, but they are going to be available in Dyson Demo Stores and online from Autumn 2022. Would we actually want to have them? A definite yes for the function and uniqueness they offer.