Good Art’s sterling silver Apple Watch bracelet costs five times the watch

One of the biggest charms of owning an Apple Watch is the range of bands and straps you get to interchange. The silicone, woven nylon and stainless steel straps can all be swapped depending on the mood you wear on a particular day and to flaunt the smartwatch in style.

Given so many excellent options – from Apple and third-party vendors – on the market, it is not easy to zero down on the best Apple Watch band, unless of course, you want something bling and the Good Art Hlywd’s bracelet for the Apple Watch shows up.

The strap like no other

Good Art Hlywd’s “Driftin & Dreamin Bout Apples” is a bracelet that makes your special Apple Watch feel more exclusive and attractive. The strap is made entirely from solid sterling silver and comes with a floral design – brand’s signature Rosette motif – to instantly make your watch glam up in style.

An ideal companion for the high-tech and sophisticated watch, the silver bracelet clings seamlessly to both 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch variants. Additionally, it is made in four different wrist sizes ranging from 15/16cm to 19cm.

An artistic assembly

Good Art Hlywd as applied the skills and expertise of jewelry-making into devising the Driftin & Dreamin Bout Apples bracelet that is priced at a staggering $2,222.

The intriguingly detailed strap will go best with the silver aluminum cased Apple Watch, but only if you’re willing to pay that kind of money for a silver bracelet. If you are ready, reach out for your deep pocket and flaunt the Apple Watch like never before.