Gorgeous Nisho fire pits offer toasty warmth for cool nights

One thing that can make spending time on a patio looking at the stars or chatting with friends during the cooler fall and winter months more comfortable is a fire pit. Some people may not realize you don’t have to have a built-in fire pit. You can buy a self-contained pit that can be placed on any patio or in the backyard. Some of the most beautiful fire pits we’ve ever seen come from a company in Colorado called Nisho.

Nisho makes multiple fire pit models with different designs to suit the style of your home and personal tastes. Each is handcrafted in the US from glass fiber reinforced concrete, a very strong and heat-resistant material. Each of the fire pits has a unique geometric shape that’s tested in extreme conditions and uses natural lava rock to resist flame for a long-lasting endurable product. They also use gas burners.

Nisho has eight different fire pit designs, including square, rectangular, and circular offerings. They all have some sort of ledge around them, perfect for propping feet or holding the plates full of items to make s’mores. There is a bit of mystery surrounding the Nisho fire pits. We have no idea what they cost.

You can go to the Nisho website and view the eight different designs for the fire pits. The company will link you to a contact page to find a distributor in your area. The mystery is the price. There are no prices offered on the website, which likely means they’re more expensive.

A quick perusal on the Internet for Nisho fire pits did find listings of several models all at well over $9000 each. The listings also note that each fire pit is custom-built and takes between five and seven weeks to ship. The upside is shipping is included in the prices we found.