GP Carabiner is the ultimate utility tool for you

The Swiss Army knife has always been the most popular multi-use pocket knife in the world. It’s over a century-old and yet it hasn’t been replaced. With the GPCA Carabiner, maybe it will finally get a rival because the latter appears to be more practical. For people who are into minimalism, you’ve got most of your daily essentials made simple with this techy carabiner.

The GPCA Carabiner is a utility carabiner that offers more than just carry your keys. For outdoor enthusiasts, it features most of the essential gear you may need. It’s a perfect illustration of the phrase “Do More with Less” according to the design team.  

The idea of a GPCA Carabiner comes from the need to adapt to everyday needs. It’s not just your body or environment that needs to catch up with the time, your stuff must also adapt to your everyday needs. It’s a minimalist utility carabiner alright but it can do more than just the average Swiss knife.

Go Minimal to Go Far

The concept carabiner is easy to carry but its use is something you can maximize. So what can this utility carabiner do? Lots of things. It’s mainly a carabiner but it’s got a secret capsule where you can keep secret stuff. It’s a pry tool, a bottle opener, a box cutter, a Philips screwdriver, a flat screwdriver, nail remover, a full-size hammer, a keychain, a grip, a backup key, and a hook. It can also serve as a flashlight, paracord, money clip, slim wallet, biker chain, whistle, or a tag with a few attachments.

For the paranoid but likes to go into the wild or even just the urban jungle where you live, you can use it as quick-access knuckles. It’s not recommended though because you might really hurt people but sometimes, you just need to protect yourself.

Tough Carabiner for Almost Everything

Still not satisfied with the long list of what this GPCA Carabiner can do? It’s also your multi-bag carrier, dog leash handle, and guardian on-the-go—the possibilities are just endless!

The handy carabiner is tough because it is built from aluminum, steel, or titanium. Choose the material and weight you want but every type is performance-built.

You know it’s really tough as it has survived a 4,000 pound heavy Jeep off-road tests and has passed water and rain corrosion tests. It is scratch-free and modular so you can add or assemble the device easily.

Worried about it not passing security? It’s  TSA-friendly. The starting price of the GP-Carabiner Aluminum Edition starts at $29. The Steel version is $45 while the Titanium Edition can go up to $79. Check the GPCA Carabiner HERE.