This mat takes your yoga session to a Himalayan setting with personal coach along

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us in addition to maintaining cleanliness, it is staying fit. Fitness lifestyles have changed remarkably after the gyms were forced to shut and personal training routines were taken aback.

Countless brands have come up during the pandemic with ideas to better working out at home with in-person guidance from real-life trainers and coaches. YogiFi had made a debut at CES 2020 and it’s no surprise, it’s back again to present an alternative at CES 2021 covered in shadow of the coronavirus.

In-home yoga mentor

Smart yoga mats are popular, but there is still scope for the YogiFi to make an inroad. Stretching slightly beyond the image of a connected Yoga mat, YogiFi is powered by artificial intelligence and now comes with a native app.

This companion app with the mat lets users download sample Freemium sessions to track their posture during the session. Interestingly, YogiFi lets you train with a virtual coach – with precise movement and positioning every time – so that you can get real-time feedback if you’re going wrong.

There’s more to it

For this, the mat tracks your body movement for the correctness of posture and even monitors heart rate to keep track of your fitness levels and calories burnt during the yoga session.

Interestingly, the AI-enabled mat provides environmental themes. These allow you to take your yoga session to say a Himalayan setting or maybe a beach – of course with the trainer always there to keep tabs.

YogiFi app is available for both Android and iOS and the mat requires to be connected to the internet all the time. So, if you were planning to go to a place with unstable connectivity – YogiFi may not be an ideal companion.   

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    Posted January 13, 2021 4:13 pm 0Likes

    YogiFi Mat works on Bluetooth with App. Hence practice is possible without network connectivity.

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