Grand Seiko Celebrates 60 years with the 9SA5 Next Generation of Movements

On the occasion of being in the business for 60 years, Grand Seiko aims to celebrate by taking a classic masterpiece (the 9S line of movements) and completely reinventing it. Originally introduced in 1998, the 9S line of movements came as a leap forward in advanced watchmaking technology.

The 9S definitely set the bar very high for years to come. With the announcement of the 60th anniversary edition 9SA5 movement, the bar got raised through the roof. The 9SA5 is not just a new caliber. Seiko claims it’s a completely new movement. It is a culmination of every step forward taken by the company over the past 60 years.

Design and Features

With a construction comparable to a high-end Swiss caliber, the 9SA5 features stunning design and excellent functionality. Around 0.7mm slimmer than its predecessor, the 9SA5 measures in at only 5.18mm. The movement design also features a huge step up in it’s power reserve, from 55h to 80h.

The new movement also features 47 jewels and a 5Hz high beat along with an improved regulation. Furthermore, the design includes an automatic winding which has been made to feel like a manual one and features an instantaneous date and winding.

What’s Special?

Grand Seiko’s 9SA5 design contains a unique patent pending feature that allows for power to directly be transmitted to the balance. This leads to a significant efficiency increase. All in all, the 9SA5 forms a solid architecture and lays a strong foundation for the next generation of Grand Seiko watches to be based on.

The case, dial, and hands drew their inspiration from the 44GS and the 9SA5 will be featured initially in a 100-piece limited edition series. The new movement will be presented in a 40mm X 11.7mm 18k yellow gold case with yellow gold indices. The 60th Anniversary Limited Edition SLGH002 is set to debut in August 2020 and will retail at $43,000.