The Broken Arm x Salomon Techamphibian in floral spice makes a hot recipe

When you mention The Broken Arm and Salomon in the same breath, high-performance mountain sports footwear flashes right in front of the eyes. Continuing on the legacy laid out in previous collaborative sneakers, the Parisian fashion house and French sporting goods giant have partnered for a new silhouette.

The latest floral take on the beige, black and white body of the Techamphibian may not reflect a serious outing at first glance, but this guy is designed on the merits of the original and should suffice users both on land and in water.

Look and feel

Techamphibian – basically a sneaker-sandal hybrid – is one of Salomon’s more versatile sneakers. The new dressing adds a floral motif to the breathable, nicely cushioned pair that’s good for day-round comfort.

This hiking sandal has ventilated construction and a collapsible heel with strap to ensure it is easy to be slid on and off. Powered by an EVA foam shock absorbent sole, The Broken Arm and Salomon Techamphibian has extra traction to hold you firm in the slush.

Go through anything

Whether you are out hiking on rough terrain or have to negotiate into wet path, the shoe will play well in either condition. The Techamphibian’s mesh upper provides a smooth, glove-like fit. It permits the water to evacuate the shoe without allowing debris in.

The shoe is delivered with subtle branding; for the Salomon fans, there is a tag on the forefoot and a logo on the tongue. The Broken Arm branding can be found on the insole. The Broken Arm and Salomon Techamphibian is retailing for €150 (approx. $160) now. Techamphibian are notorious for going for a lot more on the secondary market, so latch on while stock lasts.