Greece gives us hope that we might just be able to have a warm Mediterranean Summer holiday

We are all aware that 2020 has been a ‘different than usual’ kind of year. We live in unprecedented times. It is the year of a lot of firsts. In the wake of this global pandemic we face, we see nation-wide shutdowns with no reasonable end in sight. It is easy to get disheartened amongst times like this. So, here is a little glimpse of hope.

Hope that the worst may just be behind us after all. Hope that we can get as close to being back to normal as we were before this all began. The country at the helm of this beacon of hope happens to be Greece. Greece: the Mediterranean paradise with its amazing food, culture and people. Yes, the epitome of our dream holiday destination might just be ‘open for business’ this coming summer.

Getting it Right, From the Start

Right off the bat I feel that the government of Greece took the right steps in nipping the pandemic spread in their country. By enforcing proper social distancing rules and enforcing rigid protocols early on, they have managed to limit the spread of COVID 19 to just 2,663 people.

Due to this fact, along with the fact that the Greek people enforce social distancing on a daily basis, the country is relatively safe from the virus and as a result, the government plans to open for tourism starting July 1. The country does not however, intend to open for large scale tourism. We can expect most bars and restaurants to still remain shut.

A New Side to Tourism

The tourism industry is expected to cater only to the luxury traveler. Someone who would stay in boutique hotels and partake in intimate excursions like agritourism or yachting trips. This is definitely a start, considering a lot of pandemic-stricken countries are still enforcing largescale lockdown procedures. Tourists arriving in Greece will all filter through Athens airport, where they will be screened and have proper medical tests conducted before being allowed into the country.

What this example of Greece does, is give us hope that in the coming months other countries may also recover from this global crisis and return to normal. This hope is a powerful thing. Amidst times of constantly watching negativity being spread by mainstream media, I feel this particular news comes as a much-needed breath of fresh air.