Herman Miller Embody gaming chair redefines ergonomic comfort

Ask any gamer or person who works for long hours in the front of a computer, and they’ll have common consensus about the importance of a good chair. Herman miller, perhaps knows the importance of designing a perfect chair and they’ve teamed up with Logitech to build a gaming PC chair that is centered on comfort, more than the looks.

Created after two years of in-depth research about the seating position and the importance of ergonomic design, the Embody Gaming Chair does what is says – when looked at from a gamer’s perspective. Of course, the styling is very modernistic, but the main focus is on the ergonomics.   

Ergonomics – the focal point

Herman Miller knows that professional gamers or streamers sit on their chairs for extended durations and their performance can be hampered by an uncomfortable seating. To counter this, the Embody Chair has been created after valuable input from physicians and experts. There are 150 different supports which provide individual rest points and ensure unobstructed blood flow to stress areas of the body.  

The chair has much more than the basic position adjustments, having a twisting knob to change the angle to slightly forward-leaning position. This helps when during gaming action you bend forward slightly and are sitting more on the edge of the chair. Even then the Embody Chair provides full support to the back. It also comes with adjustable seat depth to relieve pressure on the legs.

More freedom for long sitting hours

Unlike other gaming chairs, Embody Chair has four reclining angles and a joystick to lower or raise the height. Another cool option is the ability to adjust the level of armrests as they can move up or down or even from side to side. Then there is the cooling foam in the cushion with copper-infused particles which keep the temperature of the body down while also helping maintain a good gaming posture.   

While Embody chair will not make you a better gamer or enhance your skills in any way – it will take care of the body comfort and decrease fatigue which can sometimes affect the playing performance. The chair might not impress you on the first look – like some of the gimmicky gaming chairs out there – but this $1,495 gaming throne will give you no reasons to complain, that’s assured.