TCL NXTWEAR G Glasses create 140-inch screen in front of your eyes

Augmented reality and virtual reality are bigger nut to crack for the smart glasses industry; TCL treads this entertainment route in its own way introducing smart glasses to influence binge-watchers.

TCL has launched the NXTWEAR G glasses, which come integrated with a screen to watch content whenever you want. Just power it through the device of choice – PC, laptop, mobile etc. and enjoy content on the glasses that function as 140-inch external display.

The smart glasses

TCL has kept the eyewear simple, yet smart enough to create a massive entertainment virtual display right in front of your eyes. The glasses are designed to work with the external display, so there is no battery onboard, which helps keep the glasses really lightweight.

Irrespective of that, the NXTWEAR G glasses is a real deal. It comes equipped with a pair of 1080p Micro OLED panels totaling 140-inches of real estate to display content from OTT apps, video game consoles and more. For productivity on the move, one can also use the glasses display to view presentations, emails, documents and more.

More information

NXTWEAR G glasses were first showcased to the world during CES and now they are released with the intention to provide users a giant display right in front of their eyes that no one else around you can see. For the techie ones, the NXTWEAR G glasses virtual screen offers 60Hz refresh rate, weighs only 100 g and has USB-C port and comes with its own protective case.

Even though stereo speakers are built into the frames of the TCL glasses, it’s recommended to be used with headphones for the best experience. TCL NXTWEAR G glasses is likely to launch in July in Australia first, with Europe and then the US slated as next in line. There is no word on the pricing at the moment.

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