Herschel Supply x Coca-Cola items will be available soon

Coca-Cola is now more of an iconic brand. More than being known as the manufacturer of Coke and other carbonated soft drink, we know the classic company to have many fans. These people are those that collect Coke-themed items throughout the years.

Coca-Cola has introduced a number of interesting gimmicks recently including those musical Coca-cola Christmas bottles in Japan, the Entertainment Star Wars-branded Coca-Cola, and the ‘Insiders Club’ subscription service. We’re curious to see more.

Herschel Joins Coca-Cola Once Again

The next team-up is with Herschel Supply. The items are expected to be revealed in summer. Here is a good look through the items—a T-Shirt, backpack, bucket hat, belt bag, and a Coke container. This isn’t the first time Herschel and Coca-cola worked together. It’s already the second with the travel lifestyle company.

The simple white T-Shirt with a large ‘Have a Good Day’ will be available. There are few accessories with the red-and-white check: a Nova Mid-Volume backpack, Classic X-Large backpack, Nineteen hip pack, and the bucket hat.

All Things Coca-Cola Are Far from Perfect

Looking at the products in one picture can be dizzying for some. Perhaps one of the most useful is that the container can keep drink ice-cold even during travel. You can place your Coke cans and water bottles there.

The T-shirt is made of 100% cotton. Both men and women can avail of the T-shirt. Cross your fingers the ‘Have a Nice Day’ text will do you good.