ICON 4×4 Old School Edition FJ44 reimagines a classic Landcruiser

ICON 4×4 is well known for taking dilapidated vehicles and turning them into high-end works of automotive art. The latest offering from ICON 4×4 is the Old School Edition FJ44 Landcruiser. The four-door truck is painted in a Eucalyptus Green color with a powder-coated aluminum body. The design preserves the original vehicle’s aesthetic but significantly upgrades its performance and safety along with reducing emissions.

Power comes from an aluminum 6.2-liter LS fuel-injected V-8 engine producing up to 430 horsepower and 450 pound-foot of torque. The engine puts its power through an Aisin Warner AX15 five-speed manual transmission. ICON also uses an Atlas II 2-speed transfer case.

The 1972 truck also features hydroboost-assisted Brembo Sport Brakes allowing it to handle and stop better than the original vehicle. Dynatrac Dana 60 rear axles and Dana 44 front axles were used along with Fox Racing coil-over sport suspension. The drivetrain means the vehicle is ready for just about any terrain.

The tires are BFGoodrich all-terrain 285/65/18 mounted on rugged vintage-inspired wheels made by ICON from forged aluminum. The vehicle’s interior is customized to show some of the newest upgrades ICON is incorporating into its designs, including a NEX 8600 multimedia system featuring a reverse camera, Apple Carplay, Bluetooth, and navigation system.

The canvas top is made from seven layers and is insulated to keep heat and cold out. Lots of machined aluminum interior trim outlines various components inside the vehicle. The seats look old-school while featuring modern amenities like heating for passenger comfort. A pair of jump seats are available in the rear as a throwback to the seats used in the original 1972 vehicle. ICON offers the Landcruiser for $237,000.