RaceBird successfully test drives to electrify the marine industry

What separates a boy from a man is the choice of sports he chooses to view. Gone are the days when you as a boy would go bonkers over F1 and Moto GP. It’s time for a change! The change calls for the E1 which is the world’s first and only electric powerboat racing series.

If you wish to elevate your status, you don’t need to undergo a ritual, rather bend your preferences a little and watch the world’s first electric racing boat pierce through water or what some may even name the hydro thunder classic.

A partnership product of Saudi PIF and E1, the RaceBird (name of the boat) is all set to electrify the marine world. Once thought to be a render, the boat has become a reality and has nailed all tests to perfection.

RaceBird took its maiden test flight ahead of E1 Marine Racing Championship to be held next year. The series of tests were held on River Po in northern Italy with ex-powerboat racing world champion Luca Ferrari in the cockpit. E1 CEO, Rodi Basso states, ‘there will be more tests in the coming weeks to make sure it marks its presence in the world’s first electric powerboat racing competition.’

Top speed of 58MPH

Just because it’s a boat, you dare not underestimate its power. Powered by a 150 kilowatt Kreisel battery and an outboard motor (developed by Mercury Racing), the electric boat doesn’t float, it rather flies, and I am not exaggerating. The boat can accelerate to a top speed of 50 knots (58MPH) on water.

When it comes to handling or cutting through higher waves, the boat features pioneering hydrofoil technology which lifts the futuristic-looking craft around 16 inches above the waves. It thus reduces the drag and significantly improves the speed. The single pilot vessel is revolutionizing boating with its neoteric design and top-class performance. The sleek and stylish streamlined body is a cherry on the cake.

Set to debut at E1 in 2023

Developed as an official racing vessel for the much-awaited E1-Marine racing championship, the race boat was in the works for past many years. Dreamt by the famous racing entrepreneur of Formula E and Extreme E owner, Alejandro Agag, the E1 World Electric Powerboat Series race is solely dedicated to electric boats. With electric water racing under his belt, I won’t be surprised if he plans to launch an electric airplane series next.

Leaving no stones unturned, the E1 team also evaluated other elements of its future electric boat racing competition. The team of engineers and support staff also monitored the trailing technologies like autonomous buoys which is very vital during marine sports. In addition, the camera positioning and angling were also tested, as it would be really crucial while broadcasting the E1 World Electric Powerboat Series to the world.